"Megal" has been present in our market for full 20 years, in the area of metal items production and goods with various purposes. Over the years, the company has focused on production of items which offer high quality at reasonable prices. This method of running a business based on quality has ensured "Megal" a safe position on the market.

From the very beginning we have been working on improving production techniques, modernization of plant, enhancing production capacity and educating our staff in accordance with the cutting-edge European trends.

Over time,"Megal" has specialized in equipping archive, warehouse and sales space. Most of our products have valid attests issued by accredited institution, which represents yet another proof that our products are of high quality. By purchasing new machines we have grown to be the company which produces all metal products.

In our business we put effort to nurture quality relationships with customers, suppliers and our employees. Long-term cooperation, trust and proven quality are foundation of "Megal" business policy, but also goals which it shall strive to achieve in the future.